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Exhibitors : Mitsubishi Electric Automation Korea / Booth : 프리미엄형 아이콘

Mitsubishi NC (Universal Shelf) M80W series numerical control device

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Manufacturer : Mitsubishi Electric Automation Co., Ltd Model name :


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Hall 1 - Factory Automation Equipments/Parts, Robotics

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Korea

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Korea

CEO name : Kim, Hyung-mook

Phone Number : +82-504-1383-9811

Address : 07528 Room 902, 9F, A-dong, 401 Yangcheon-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul (Gayang-dong)

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Mitsubishi Electric has always led the industry from FA devices to Mechatronics products and distribution control devices, and Mitsubishi Electric Automation Korea is the only local corporation in Korea in charge of selling and servicing FA products manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric.
High-performance and high-quality FA devices such as PLC, AC SERVO, INVERTER, etc., which are highly regarded in the wide manufacturing sector, NC, which serves as the center of machine tools called Mother Machine, and industrial robots that automate and value-added production facilities.


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[인터몰드] 스마트팩토리 및 디지털 전환(DX) 솔루션 선보여

김원정 기자 | 2023.03.19

한국미쓰비시전기오토메이션(Mitsubishi Electric Automation Korea)(주)는 14일부터 18일까지 경기도 고양시 킨텍스(KINTEX)에서 열린 ‘제26회 국제금형 및 관련기기전(INTERMOLD KOREA 2023)’(이하 인터몰드)에 참가했다. 인터몰드 2023에서 이 회사는 CNC 방전가공기, 와이어 방전가공기, 수치제어장치, 이팩토리(e-F@ctory) 솔루션 등 스마트팩토리 및 디지털 전환(DX)을 위한 솔루션을 제시했다. 이창수 그룹장은 'Automating the World'를 슬로건으로 전시 부스를 구성했다며, “디지털 전...

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