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Exhibitors : FANUC ROBODRILL / Booth : 프리미엄형 아이콘

BLUM NOVOTEST Z-NANO Tool length measuring device, Tool damage detection device

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Manufacturer : BLUM Model name : Z-NANO



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Hall 6 - Machine Tool




Phone Number : +82-504-1383-9830

Address : 15014 Seohaean-ro 81-44 (Jeongwang-dong) 5-dong 109 (Jeongwang-dong, Oido Steel Complex)

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About Us

Since its establishment in 1993, Korea Air Co., Ltd. is a machine sales agency in Hwanak Co., Ltd. and has been in charge of machine tool sales, installation, and commissioning, and A/S.
In September 2015, the Vietnamese investment corporation Korea Air Vina Co., Ltd. was established, and in May 2017, the Korea Cino Corporation was established to hope to enter a wider country.
In the future, executives and employees of Korea Air Co., Ltd. will sell and supply machine tools tailored to customers' purchase needs,
We will continue to make efforts to repay our customers' infinite support through thorough follow-up A/S and management.
Please show a lot of interest and support.
Thank you.

Company history
2019.07 Establishment of Korea Air Fee or
Ho Chi Minh branch in Vietnam.
Establishment of a Korean Syno Corporation on April 4, 2017.
2014.03 Establishment of Korea Air Force or
Hanoi branch in Vietnam.
Establishment of Korea Air Co., Ltd. on August 8, 1999.
Established Korea Air on August 8, 1993.


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[IMTS 2016 포토] 세계 최강 로봇 선보인 화낙(FANUC)

김우겸 기자 | 2016.09.17

화낙(FANUC)은 ‘World’s Strongest Robot’이라는 컨셉으로 세계에서 가장 강한 로봇이라고 자랑하는 Robot M-2000iA모델을 선보였다. 공차 중량이 1천500 킬로그램이 넘는 쉐보레 콜벳 스포츠카를 자유자재로 들었다 놨다 좌우상하 쉬지않고 제어하는 로봇 동작을 시연했다.

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