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Exhibitors : WONJINTECH / Booth : 고급형 아이콘

presser, roll press

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Manufacturer : Wonjin Tech (formerly Wonjin Industrial Machinery) Model name : roll press


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Hall 7 - Environment, Facilities, Renewable Energy, Safety




Phone Number : +82-504-1383-9782

Address : 15117 Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, 309beon-gil, 16 (Jeongwang-dong) Sihwa MTV, 3 companies 701.

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About Us

The next generation will have a clean environment.
Wonjin Tech Co., Ltd. is realizing it.
This is Wonjin Tech, which pursues precision management based on trust and trust.
We are pleased to have the opportunity to promote Wonjin Tech, and with the vision we pursue,
We hope it will be a good opportunity to take a step closer and satisfy your needs.
In order to maintain a differentiated position in the same industry, we're going to work with a thorough craftsmanship and service ethos.
All employees are creating a family-like working environment with pride.
It is a company that continuously researches and develops new technologies in line with the changing environment.
We will repay you with ready technology and quality innovation that can run right to the customer's
I will be a delicate expert who recognizes and fills the needs before the customer requests it.
I will always try my best with sincerity and humility.

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