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Manufacturer : a multi-personnel official Model name : MAH_Rigid Reinforced Angular Head



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Hall 8 - Tools, Parts, Material




Phone Number : +82-504-3105-8966

Address : 15118, 24 MTV 26-ro, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do (Jeongwang-dong)

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About Us

It is a multi-personnel craft that creates the world with technology and quality as well as customer trust.
It contributes to the development of automobiles, electronics, machinery, and plant industries by supplying high quality products to customers We are doing our best to promote the excellence of Korean tools to the world through exports to foreign countries.
Through the creation of DYNAMIC value in our industry, Contribute to society and contribute to the happiness of customers and employees.
Passion and open thinking from a market and customer-centric perspective
Demonstrate teamwork to challenge dynamically and from an integrated perspective
Seeking to maximize company profits.
With the best technology and customized service
Dain Group, which has been loved by customers for decades,
It is developing into a global group as well as in Korea.


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[심토스 2022] 급변하는 시장 속 변화하는 ㈜다인정공…디지털 전환 속도내

조혜연 기자 | 2022.05.27

공작기계(Machine tool)는 기계를 제작하는 기계를 뜻하는 이른바 ‘마더머신’으로 제조업의 품질을 좌우하는 중요한 요소다 공작기계용 툴을 제조 및 공급하는 ㈜다인정공(DAIN)은 국내 공작기계 산업의 발전을 함께하고 있는 기업이다. 특히 공작기계의 ‘팔’ 역할을 하는 툴링 시스템(Tooling System)은 다인정공이 국산화에 앞장서 온 분야다. 다인정공은 최근 급변하는 시장 환경 속 지속적인 성장을 도모하기 위해 다양한 신기술을 도입하고 있는 추세다. 한국공작기계산업협회 주최로 일...

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