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  • Phone Number : 0504-3105-9958

Exhibitors : One instrument / Booth : None

Measurement tools, vernier calipers, digital vernier calipers, digital vernier calipers (less than 300 mm)

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Manufacturer : MITUTOYO Model name : 500 Series


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One instrument

CEO name : Kim Myunghee

Phone Number : +82-504-3105-9958

Address : 41779 Bukbisan-ro 318, Seo-gu, Daegu Metropolitan City (Pyeongri-dong, Hana Instrument) (Pyeongri-dong, Hana Instrument)

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Starting with the scale in 1988, Hana Instrument has added general measuring instruments, chemical and measuring instruments to its business items since 1990, manufacturing and supplying precision electronics scales and facilities necessary for measuring various industries, and making efforts based on the spirit of 3BEST (best products, best price, best service).

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