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Exhibitors : JJTOOLS Co.,LTD / Booth : 프리미엄형 아이콘

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4HBSP series(Pipe parallel threading)

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Manufacturer : JJ Tools Model name : 4HBSP series (Pipe Parallel Screw Machining)


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Hall 8 - Tools, Parts, Material




Phone Number : +82-504-1383-9900

Address : 48, Doosan-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul (Doksan-dong)

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About Us

Founded in 1997, JJ Tools has been recognized for producing only the best quality in the cemented carbide cutting tool business for more than 20 years with differentiated technology, abundant know-how, challenges and enthusiasm.
In particular, we are always providing optimal products to customers through constant research and development and processing tests, and we are expanding our high recognition and market share in the cutting tool market based on our long experience and know-how.
Based on this, we are accelerating our entry into the global market beyond Korea, thinking that it is the best in mold businesses such as architecture, civil engineering, automobiles, airplanes, and medical industries.
In the future, JJ Tools believes that "best quality" is our biggest mission and promises to do our best to lead our customers to success with our customers by becoming the best company in Korea that is always honest and impressive based on trust and responsibility.


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[SIMTOS 2022] 엔드밀 인서트 드릴 등 다양한 공구 툴 선보여

김지운 기자 | 2022.05.26

26일 고양시 일산 킨텍스(KINTEX)에서 한국공작기계산업협회 주최로 열린 ‘심토스 2022(생산제조기술 전시회)에는 엔드밀, 인서트, 드릴 등 다양한 종류의 공구 툴이 전시됐다. 제품을 선보인 제이제이툴스(JJ TOOLS)의 관계자는 “흑연, 구리, 티타늄, 복합소재 등 다양한 소재를 뚫을 수 있는 엔드밀을 비롯해 스텝 및 다기능 플랫 드릴 등이 있다”라고 했다.

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