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Exhibitors : KYUNGSEO GLOTECH / Booth : 고급형 아이콘

Manual walking, dry


Manufacturer : Gyeongseo Glotech Co., Ltd. Model name : SWP-500


Product information

Hall 6 - Machine Tool




Phone Number : +82-504-1383-9896

Address : 14931 Gyeongseo Glotec, Maehwa Sandan-ro 136 Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do

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About Us

A 30-year history, about 100 employees, and state-of-the-art facilities make us the largest and best vacuum cleaner manufacturer in Korea. We have about 200 kinds of vacuum cleaners, floor polishers, etc., and our annual production is about 50,000 units for both domestic and overseas use. We are producing most of the plastic parts by ourselves with our own injection molding facilities. So we are sure the quality is quite consistent and can be flexible to clients' requests when requested. The manufacture of special-purpose vacuum cleaners, which is impossible for other companies, is a distinct strength of our company and is quite popular among large companies including Samsung. The floor polishing machine is also one of our main products, and it is much priced competitive, compared to the Chinese ones. Finally, the quick and accurate after-sales service on the basis of our own factory is our biggest advantage and the most satisfying part to our customers.


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[BUTECH 2015](주)경성글로텍, “글로벌 기업으로 성장한다”

박혜선 기자 | 2015.07.01

산업용 청소기 전문 생산업체인 (주)경서글로텍(대표 김재홍,은 최근 부산 벡스코에서 개최된 '제7회 부산국제기계대전(BUTECH 2015)'에서 업소용 진공청소기, 산업용 진공청소기, 특수 대형 청소기 등을 선보였다. 지난 25년간 국내 80여 개의 판매점과 해외 5개국 10개의 대리점을 통한 유통, 지속적인 개발, 자동화 생산라인으로 산업용 청소기 전문 업체로 성장했다. 지난 부산국제기계대전에서 선보인 산업용 청소기(SC-3500WT)는 3단 분리형 싸이클론 타입으로 7개...

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