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Exhibitors : Sungwon Machinery Co., Ltd. / Booth : 고급형 아이콘

TGG-26-2W (Gear Grinder)

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Manufacturer : TOYO A-TEC Model name :


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Hall 6 - Machine Tool

Sungwon Machinery Co., Ltd.

Sungwon Machinery Co., Ltd.


Phone Number : +82-504-3105-7228

Address : 47247 Sehwa Building Room 701, 36, Dongcheon-ro 108beon-gil, Busanjin-gu, Busan

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Since its inception in 1980, only Japanese machine tools have been imported and sold for 36 years.
We will be satisfied with your machine purchase based on our know-how through many delivery performances and various field experiences.

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