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Exhibitors : SHINHANTECH / Booth : 고급형 아이콘

Vertical Machining Centers

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Manufacturer : Mazak Model name : VCN, FJV, VTC, UN, SVC, MTV series


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Hall 6 - Machine Tool



CEO name : Jeon Seung Gyun

Phone Number : +82-504-3105-7019

Address : 425839 Neungan-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Room 81, (Shingil-dong, Ansan Digital Park) No. 17

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About Us

We would like to express our deep gratitude to our customers for their interest and support in Shin Tech.
As a sales agent for MAZAK machine tools, we provide innovative productivity improvement, high-quality processing technology establishment, and technical expertise to support machine consultation and sales, and post-AS processing.
We are also constantly working to ensure that every specification our customers want is the most efficient and affordable.
Shin Tech will fulfill its responsibility as a partner who can develop with customers, understand the difficulties of the domestic manufacturing industry, and overcome them together.


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[추천제품] 신한TECH, INTEGREX I-SERIES 원척킹 전가공 횡형복합 가공기

| 2017.08.30

신한TECH의 INTEGREX I-SERIES 원척킹 전가공 횡형복합 가공기는 원 척킹으로 다면·곡면 가공이 가능하며 장척 부품 대응과 폭넓은 가공 범위의 직교 Y축 구조다. Y축 스트로크는 260mm(200, 300, 400 시리즈), 210mm(100 시리즈) 등 큰 가공범위를 유지하며, 더 높은 생산성과 고정밀도를 추구한다. 신한TECH는 CNC선반, 머시닝센터에서 복합가공기, 5축 가공기, 레이저 가공기 까지 폭 넓은 제품 영역에서 고객들의 요청에 대응한다.

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