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Exhibitors : SEOKWANG N.B.A / Booth : Basic booth

CIMR-AT4A0414AMA(440V 185KW)

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Manufacturer : the Yasukawa River Model name : CIMR-AT4A0414AMA(440V 185KW)


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Phone Number : +82-504-3105-8033

Address : 0 Room 707 (Gasan-dong), Gasan Digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul

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As a company specializing in PLC, Inverter, Touch Panel, and related cables, amplification terminals such as RS Automation, Proface, Schneider, LS Industrial Systems, Mitsubishi, etc., we are doing our best to build a comfortable working environment and continue to grow with your support and interest.

Now, I want to set up a little space on the Internet, called the Sea of Information, to give you small but relevant information and also to listen to you.

Through this place, I hope to open a new meeting place with you and serve as a stepping stone for Seogwang NBA to develop to the next level with your support.

In this rapidly changing era, Seogwang NBA is always with customers with the shortest delivery date, minimum amount, and firm follow-up management based on abundant inventory

I will do my best to become a company.

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