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Exhibitors : COMPKOREA / Booth : 프리미엄형 아이콘

Oil free scroll compressor (CKS-50)

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Manufacturer : COMPKOREA Model name : CKS-40


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Hall 5 - Hydraulic·Pneumatic, Fluid·Powder




Phone Number : +82-504-3105-8014

Address : 127-11 Yaksuteo-gil, Paltan-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do (Gajae-ri 396-6)

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About Us

With the rapidly changing industrial economy of Korea, through continuous innovation and technology development, We've been running all this time.
With the development of technology for oil-injection type air compressors and the development of oil-free scroll air compressors, New high-clean compressed air was supplied, and high temperature for improving compressed air quality, The development of an all-in-one refrigerated dryer provides an overall solution to the compressed air system. I've grown into a company.
It also established its second plant in Hanoi, Vietnam, to support domestic companies that have entered Southeast Asia.
It has been built so that you can enter the Southeast Asian market and access Comp Korea anywhere. In the future, Comp Korea will continue to develop new products through continuous technological innovation. I promise to move forward as a developing company.


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[한국산업대전] 컴프레셔, 에너지 효율 고려할 때

문근영 기자 | 2022.10.21

‘2022 한국산업대전’이 경기도 고양시 일산 킨텍스(KINTEX) 제1전시장에서 ‘제16회 한국국제냉난방공조전(HARFKO 2022)’, ‘2022 국제 공구 및 스마트 용접 자동화전(TOOL TECH + SMART WELDING AUTOMATION FAIR 2022)’과 동시에 열리고 있다. ‘미래 기술과의 만남’을 주제로 막을 연 행사에 참가한 기업들은 디지털 제조 장비/공작기계관, 스마트팩토리/오토메이션/로보틱스관, 미래 에너지기술/스마트 플랜트관 등에서 CNC 머시닝센터, 다관절 로봇, 밸브 내부 누설 진단 시스템 등을 전시했다. ...

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