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Exhibitors : Ire tool. / Booth : Basic booth

Drill D-13


Manufacturer : Keyang Electric Co., Ltd Model name :


Product information

Ire tool.


Phone Number : +82-504-3105-8133

Address : 04544 Naho, Friendship Building, 70-4, Chungmu-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul (Ipjeong-dong)

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About Us

With 30 years of know-how in the Cheonggyecheon wholesale tool industry, this is an Ire tool that is constantly devoted to the highest quality, supply of various products, and reasonable prices.
It has become a tool wholesaler that has grown for more than 30 years with leading services and know-how.
We will repay your support for 30 years with products, services, and follow-up management that you can be satisfied with.

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